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Welcome to Northern Lights Safety Consulting, your partner in meeting ISNetworld and SECOR requirements in BC.

Our certified consultants also help you develop easy-to-implement programs/manuals for your company’s health & safety procedures.

ISNetworld and SECOR-compliant Health & Safety Programs/Manuals for Contractors in BC

Our team of certified health & safety consultants in BC are here to help your business or company’s health & safety programs/manuals and quality management system comply with specific standards such as the ISNetworld and SECOR safety programs in BC. As experienced and certified consultants for many small and medium enterprises in BC, Northern Lights has the right people and know-how to help bring your health & safety programs/manuals up to speed with the ever-changing requirements of different industries.

For a lot of small and medium business owners or companies in BC, it’s almost impossible to give the right amount of attention to their health & safety programs/manuals because most of these businesses/companies do not have the resources to put a full-time staff as their health & safety coordinator. This is where Northern Lights Safety Consulting steps in. We have certified consultants in BC who can assist clients in improving and keeping track of their health & safety programs/manuals and processes so as to become ISNetworld compliant and get their SECOR. Our certified consultants in BC will also help your company develop a culture of safety and quality standards so that hiring clients can easily find your information in ISNetworld and eventually hire your services as contractors.

ISNetworld and SECOR Made Simple

We have heard many stories of companies/businesses in BC whose first ISNetworld set-up and SECOR application was a nightmare. The process of maintaining your ISNetworld account and going through all the steps to get your business SECOR can certainly be overwhelming especially if you are the one running and taking care of daily business matters for your company in BC.


However, meeting safety and health standards for ISNetworld and SECOR does not need to be a complicated and frustrating experience. With Northern Lights’ certified health & safety consultants in BC, we can help determine a good health & safety program/manuals for your company that is easy to implement and will certainly meet ISNetworld and SECOR requirements in BC. Our certified consultants will make your ISNetworld and SECOR audit simple and cost-effective. On top of that, our certified consultants will also put in their knowledge and professional skills in enhancing your company’s health & safety program/manuals so that they always keep up with the standards of ISNetworld and SECOR.

Our Services:

Northern Lights Safety Consulting has a wide-range of services to help companies in BC develop safety programs/manuals and keep them up-to-date with current ISNetworld and SECOR requirements. All our services are carried out by certified consultants so you can have the peace of mind every time you hire our services to develop your safety programs/manuals. Please take a look at some of our services below:

  • Customized Health & Safety Manuals/Programs
  • Orientation Development & Training from Certified Consultants in BC
  • Job Safety Manuals, Reviews, & Hazard Assessment Programs
  • Accident and Incident Investigations
  • Safety Inspection Customized Documentation
  • Development of SECOR Programs
  • Health and Safety Manuals updating/review
  • ISNetworld and Complyworks Account Management

For all inquiries about our services, please don’t hesitate to call us. Our certified consultants are ready to answer your questions and meet with you to start and develop/improve your safety and health program. Our goal has always been to help companies build a successful safety culture within their organization. We look forward to doing the same for your business!

Services We Offer
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